StudioFeed Radio: Vince Pollard’s ithinkx Show: Episode #17

The Knife, Pursuit Grooves, Planningtorock, and the Black Dog are just some of the fantastic artists featured in the seventeenth episode of Vince Pollard’s ithinkx Show.

Fresh of the release of their highly anticipated new album, Shaking the Habitual, The Knife are as experimental as ever. As Vince notes, for fans who are expecting another iteration of their famous pop single “Heartbeats,” the Knife make little effort to replicate the career-changing track.  However, the album retains some of the trademark ‘Eastern’ sounding melodies and themes, as well as classic ‘Knife’ vocal work, the Swedish duo show no signs of slowing their exploration of their avant-garde take on electronic music.

Additional highlights include a new track from The Black Dog, who revert to a more 90s-influence techno sound in their most recent work compared to what can be heard on their preceding Liber series.

Vince also features a track from Pursuit Grooves called “Great Light Regions,” which was recently self-released as a part of her new album Broadcasting A Sensory Sequence (B.A.S.S), which sandwiched between a couple of interesting tracks from AtomTM and Heterotic.

Download this excellent episode of recently released electronic music from Vince Pollard from the Soundcloud player below.

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Vince Pollard’s ithinkx Show: Episode #17: Tracks played

  1. “Black Shore” – Úlfur
  2. “Amazing Things To Come” – John Beltran
  3. “Sapphire” – Bonobo
  4. “Bleep Four” – The Black Dog
  5. “1 1 Is” – Autechre
  6. “Bliss” – Heterotic
  7. “Great Light Regions” – Pursuit Grooves
  8. “Stop (Imperialist Pop)” – Atom™
  9. “Atomium” – Karl Bartos
  10. “Agender” – Planningtorock
  11. “Without You My Life Would Be Boring” – The Knife
  12. “Totentanz” – Dettinger
  13. “Cleptomania (Para One Remix)” – LOGO

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