StudioFeed Radio: Vince Pollard’s ithinkx Show: Episode #16

In keeping with Vince’s outside-the-box preferences when it comes to electronic music, the sixteenth episode of his ithinkx show bring a variety of tracks from artists like Actress, Darkstar, Ryan Hemsworth and many more.

A major highlight from this episode includes a wonderful new track from Actress, who follows up last year’s R.I.P with arguably his best material since his 2010 album, Splazsh. Vince also highlights German electronic group To Rococo Rot’s The Amateur View in his classic album feature, playing three tracks from the 1999 album.

Download this fantastic episode of brand-new electronic music from the Soundcloud player below.

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Vince Pollard’s ithinkx Show: Episode #16: Tracks Played

  1. Darkstar – “Timeaway” (from News From Nowhere)
  2. Ryan Hemsworth - “An Overture Might Help Me Stop Thinking About You” (from Show Me The Future)
  3. Autre Ne Veut - “Counting” (from Anxiety)
  4. Pixel - “Fjeder” (from Stage)
  5. Hodge - “Tonda” (from Dusted)
  6. Actress - “Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion” (from Silver Cloud)
  7. Classic album feature: To Rococo Rot’s The Amateur View:
    1. “I Am In The World With You”
    2. “Cars”
    3. “Die Dinge Des Lebens”
  8. Pearl Necklace – “Doorbell (feat. Arp)” (from Soft Opening)
  9. Fischerle - “Index Of Clouds” (from Delayed Childhood)

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