StudioFeed Radio: Radio Music Gallery: Episode #7 Ft. Weird Canada

Highlighting a series of upcoming Music Gallery events, program director David Dacks is joined by the Weird Canada and Burn Down the Capital crews on the seventh episode of Radio Music Gallery to discuss their role in some of the curative decisions regarding talent that will be visiting the downtown venue in the near future.

Outlined in this episode are a wide variety of “avant-pop” tracks that will be featured as a part of the Music Gallery’s similarly titled program stream. The harmonious choral performance of the four-part female team that composes Isla Craig and the psychedlic wanderings of Castlemusic and Wyrd Visions offer up some of the more romantic sounds of this episode, which are contrasted sharply by the more aggressively avant sounds of Zachary Fairbrother’s guitar-feedback experiments and organic/electronic noodlings of Alexandre St-Onge.

As Mr. Dacks outlines, all of the music included in this episode showcases artists that will be performing at the Music Gallery as a part of upcoming events.

Weird Canada — a Canadian collective who run an excellent music site promoting many of the often overlooked Canadian releases coming from all parts of the country — will be playing a major role in the show as a part of their Wyrd showcase.

“The fourth installment of Wyrd, Weird Canada’s traveling series of exploration and collaboration, features an incredible lineup of otherworldly sound and vision traveling between Toronto and Montreal. We’re proudly collaborating with two of Canada’s most forward-thinking musical ventures: Montreal’s Suoni Per Il Popolo and Toronto’s The Music Gallery (as part of their Pop-Avant series).”

Click here for more information on the Wyrd showcase.

The second show discussed in this podcast is in collaboration with Burn Down The Capital, who throw many outside-the-box events here in Toronto. Click here for more information about that Music Gallery show, or visit them online.

Download this great mix of ‘avant-pop’ from the Soundcloud player below, or check out the archived video stream in the player above.

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Radio Music Gallery: Episode #7: Tracks Played

  1. Isla Craig – “Messages”
  2. Castlemusic and Wyrd Visions – “Voice of God”
  3. Zachary Fairbrother – “Origin is the Creator”
  4. Lubomyr Melnyk – “KMH Pt. 1 (excerpt)”
  5. Zacht Automaat – “We Can’t Help You If We Can’t Find You Part 1″
  6. C. Spencer Yeh/Jon Lorenz/Ryan Jewell – “Live at CAC 7.21.08 Part 2″
  7. Alexandre St-Onge – “part 2″

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