StudioFeed Radio: Deep North Radio: Episode #9 Ft. Deep North Crew

In what might be the largest number of local DJs trading off mini-mixes on any StudioFeed Radio episode to date, Dick Diamonds rounds up Bones McLeod (Paul Beazy), Jeff Breen, Carefree Xpress (Andre Sula) and GCue (Gerard Valdez) for a fresh mix of house and techno in the ninth episode of Deep North Radio.

Rotating mixing slots, GCue starts things off by immediately diving in to some positively-charged, swirling house grooves. The remainder of the mix is more dancefloor friendly than the previous more heady episode of tunes showcased by Mike Davis and Dick Diamonds in Deep North Radio #8.

Download this free mp3 mix of entrancing house-flavoured tracks courtesy of the Deep North guys from the Soundcloud player below, or check out the archived video stream in the video player above.

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