StudioFeed Radio: Deep North Radio: Episode #8 Ft. Mike Davis & Dick Diamonds

Before returning to Berlin, Mike Davis accompanies Dick Diamonds for one more mix of house and techno in the eighth episode of Deep North Radio.

Mike Davis kicks off the mix with some of the gentlest sounds yet heard from the Deep North crew’s show, blending a multitude of soft pads with an underlying house-flavoured groove as he treads along lightly before slowly building into sounds relishing less in atmospherics and increasingly in fat, lead-driven tunes.

Dick Diamonds succeeds Mr. Davis with another mix of lighter house tracks, including a quirky track of his own called “Body Assault” in which Dan heavily samples his own voice in a way that will undoubtedly bring a smile to ever listener’s face.

Download this mix of house and techno courtesy of the Deep North from the Soundcloud player below, or check out the archived live stream video in the player above.

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