StudioFeed Radio: Beatsploitation: Episode #15

A flurry of guitar-laden tracks make up the funk-fueled fifteenth episode of Sweet Jelly Roller’s Beatsploitation.

Kicking things off with the legendary 10-minute guitar masterpiece from Funkadelic, “Maggot Brain,” Sweet Jelly Roller eases into a wide variety of new and old funk.

Download this fantastic mix of funk tunes for free from the Soundcloud player below, or check out the archived video stream in the player above.

Beatsploitation: Episode #15: Tracks Played

01/ Funkadelic – Spoken Intro//Maggot Brain
02/ Demon Fuzz – Past, Present And Future
03/ Dj Format – Spaceship Earth (Instrumental)
04/ Jean-Jacques Perry – Eva
05/ Adrian Younge – The Love I Got (Instrumental)
06/ Dirty Drummer – Django//Dust Dem
07/ Jazzy Grooves – Huh
08/ Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Alyo
09/ Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro – Don’t Touch, Just Watch Me!
10/ Betty Pearl – Cheese Brain (Patchwork Remix)
11/ Rene Costy – Schizophrenic
12/ Whitefield Brothers – Savannahstan
13/ Jungle By Night – Nightfight//Ethiopino
14/ JD & The Evil’s Dynamite Band – Everglades (Part 2)
15/ Freddy Fresh – Bonus Big Beat

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