StudioFeed is a social venture that supports independent music through technology development and community engagement. Our organization is made up of a cross-disciplinary team of engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, academics, architects and other stakeholders of independent arts. StudioFeed is rooted in community, accelerated by technology, and powered by the music ecosystem. We are located in Toronto and Los Angeles, with representatives in various cities around the world.

The StudioFeed model is focused on building connections to the music ecosystem; the collection of artists, labels, promoters, technologists, academics, students, organizations and other stakeholders involved in independent music. The model acts to move people closer to music.

We will attempt to do this by introducing a revenue sharing program to the music community and developing physical centers for independent music (for more details visit Support Independent Music.org). These spaces will be a place for audio and visual excellence, technological innovation, sustainable entrepreneurship, community radio, advocacy and exploration into the music community.

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We are located at 260 Spadina Avenue (between Queen and Dundas) in Toronto.

For information on how you can join our team, email us at : team[at]studiofeed.com

For comments and questions about the StudioFeed project, email us at : contact[at]studiofeed.com

*Note:  We do not accept unsolicited music, please send your tracks to the numerous independent labels that work hard to spread music.