Mutek Digitalis 2012: Container

“Nashville’s Ren Schofield, a mind-bending multi-instrumentalist with a history of noise, drone, and tape-collage psychedelia, takes a stab at heavy beat-oriented electronics with his Container project. In 2009, after a string of harsh, leftfield releases as God Willing on his cassette label I Just Live Here, for Container he applied compositional techniques and musical approaches that are more akin to noise, offering lo-fi, crunchy textures and elemental, warbling techno.

His debut album LP – one of the most celebrated electronic records of 2011 – was released on the Editions Mego sub-label Spectrum Spools. As an exercise and challenge specifically for MUTEK, Container will experiment with and incorporate modular synthesizers in his live set up for the first time.”


Visit Container on Soundcloud // Personal Website

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