Sound In Motion 2013: Interview With Deepchord

It’s challenging to conceive of an electronic artist more varied, a person whose sound has evolved and continues to inspire, quite like Detroit native Rod Modell, or Deepchord. Take the…

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The Volume War: Square Waveforms and Negative Outcomes

Researchers in Spain recently analyzed a massive amount of music using the million song data set; an extremely large database of recorded music spanning a number of decades.The outcome of…

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Interview With: Shingo Shimizu

Shingo Shimizu is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design’s Communication and Design program. The Montreal-born, Toronto-bred designer was exposed to drawing at an early age through…

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Interview with: Arthur Oskan

As a teenager, Arthur Oskan began immersing himself in a variety of musical styles. In his quest to quench his appetite for synthetic music he eventually purchased his own EPS…

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